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Veterans Day Appreciation Shoot

Hurry on in while the weather is decent! On Sunday, November 9th we have our Veterans Appreciation Shoot, we’ll be showing the Student Veteran’s Association of IU a familiarization fire with a number of firearms, in addition any vet can bring their own.
$30 for all veterans
$40 for non veterans
$5 for children ages 12-18
Free if you have a membership with the range.
There will also be discount rates for membership of the range for all veterans.
Also, just because this is Veteran orientated, that doesn’t mean if you haven’t served you can’t come. Bring as many friends and family members as you like, just no children under 12 for liability reasons.

Please make note that prices and dates have changed from the previous announcement about the shoot

First Pumpkin Shoot!

Panther Ridge is announcing our first ever Halloween Shoot! On Saturday, October 25th, bring out your armory, your #pumpkins, and your tannerite if you have any. We’ll be grilling and shooting all day, this is a family event as well so all family members are welcome. $20 for the event, and we’ll have a prize competition organized.

One on One training

Head Instructor Nick Bucy recently took a student through the paces of a Basic Handgun class. Although “Basic” might be the name of the course, it is anything but basic. For seven hours, Bucy took the student through all aspects of handgun marksmanship and procedures. Most of it wasn’t even shooting, it was going through drawing, dry firing, stance, technique and theory. At Panther Ridge we don’t just teach you how to fire a pistol, but also the theory and practical application. The course rounded up with a proof of concept through mastering the fundamentals by taking a shot at 100 meters, twice the effective range of a tactical handgun. At $220, its hard to get this individualized with a basic course almost anywhere else.


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New long range shooting platform!

Over the past two weekends, range management has been working on building the new shooting platform. Currently it is halfway completed, but is also operational for any members coming to shoot at 600 meters. To be added is a permanent roof, ladder, and underneath storage area for the Unknown distance portion of the range. In the future we plan on putting in another long distance stand at 1,000 meters and use it for repelling training as well.

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