About Us


                 Panther Ridge Training Center is Indiana’s premier tactical shooting center. We are a veteran-owned and operated company designed to provide complete firearm and self-defense instruction to a variety of different skill levels. All instructors are qualified to teach comprehensive shooting techniques and transition skills, as well as conduct tactical live-fire scenarios.

                   New Shooters

                    Not a tactical shooter? After completing a 15 minute safety brief and check fire, we offer open range days to members to sight-in or recreational shooting of pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Check out our liability waiver and registration tabs for more information.

                     Law Enforcement

                   We offer a variety of law enforcement specific training curricula for departments in the south central and west central areas, both at our range and at your department. Please contact us for specifics and requirements.
                On a specific day every month, we offer a free Law Enforcement range day, where if you are a serving officer of any Police Department or Sheriff’s office, you can shoot on the range for free as long as a call is made in advance so a range officer can be present. Please check our calendar for more information